This area of Costa Rica basically has two seasons: the Dry Season (December through April) and the Green Season (May through November). Rainfall is the main variable. During the dry season, there is less rainfall. Humidity is lower and there is normally a breeze to keep you cool. From May to September there is more of a chance of rain. Very often this rain falls at night or in the afternoon. Temperatures are slightly cooler especially in the evenings. A light blanket on the bed may be needed. October and November are the rainiest months and Casa Vida Verde is usually closed. Temperatures remain nearly constant all year round with temperatures averaging between 80 and 90 degrees during the daytime and in the mid-70’s at night. Most people find it necessary to cover up with a sheet or thin blanket for sleeping. The coastal waters are an almost constant 74 degrees all year long.


It is not necessary.  Carlos and Sianne both speak English and the local tours and guides all speak English too.


Definitely.  Casa Vida Verde gets it water supply directly from well on the property and tastes delicious.  Just to be extra sure, one tap in the kitchen has a filter unit on it and you can restrict your drinking to water from this tap only.


Nothing is recommended for this area.


There is a clinic open 24/7 in Puerto Jimenez.  There is a hospital in Golfito and for serious emergencies; there is an air ambulance service which will get to a choice of hospitals in San Jose.


None specifically for Costa Rica or the Osa Peninsula.  The usual cautions that you would observe anywhere are all that is necessary.  Given the open design of the house, we recommend that valuables are kept in the provided lock boxes at night and when you are away from the house.  In addition we ensure that someone is on the property at all times.


There are many insects around but they are not a huge nuisance.  Remember there is a whole food chain out there and there are plenty of animals and birds intent on eating all insects found. Most encounters with insects are part of the spectacle of being in the rainforest and are not a problem. That said, it is a good precaution to have insect repellant on, particularly in the early evenings.  Also, the beds are all insect proof with quality mosquito netting and the family suite is a screened in room to provide extra protection.  However, if you are very concerned about the possibility of insects being around you then it is possible that the open air living at Casa Vida Verde is not the best environment for you.


Contact our Agents, Osa Tropical, and let them help you coordinate your travel plans.  They can assist with airport transfers, San Jose hotels or further afield, they can book internal flights for you, make sure a reliable taxi or guide driver meets you or arrange a rental car for you.  They are the experts with years of experience ensuring that guests are looked after not only in the house but during the whole of their visit to Costa Rica.


Our Manager is Carlos who lives on site and Sianne is our housekeeper.  Both speak English well and are there to ensure that your stay is as enjoyable as possible.  They know the area very well and are very experienced hosts.  Our guests report that nothing is too much trouble for them.


Although, it is your responsibility to ensure that you have the right documents for travel, our Agents can advise regarding the required documents and put you in touch with the right people to ask questions where necessary.    For instance, if travelling on a US passport, you can call the Costa Rican Consulate at (202) 328-6628 from 9:30 AM to 12:30 PM, EST with any questions.   As a general rule, do make sure your passport is valid for 30 days after travel has been completed.


No you do not need to.  If you are happy to walk locally we recommend you getting a taxi to other locations.  This can be easily arranged by Carlos.  The taxi drivers know the area well, will often spot animals and birds that you would miss and can look after the driving while you enjoy your surroundings.  However, if you prefer to have your own vehicle this can be sorted with pick up and drop off in San Jose or Puerto Jimenez.


Plenty.  Even the most jaded and screen addicted kid will marvel at the sight of monkeys playing in the trees. Bugs, slime, mud, rocks, birds, hermit crabs, the natural world around them will captivate their curiosity.  Away from the house and garden, kayaking, swimming, surfing, tree climbing, waterfall hikes and zip lining are just some of the incredibly popular activities available.   This is an ideal place for children to explore and learn about the rainforest.  Nearly all tours welcome children and, where necessary, babysitting can be arranged.  However, we should note that due to the open design of the house, we do not recommend it as a good choice for a family with children under the age of 5.  Parents of small children would not be able to relax!


Cash is king in Matapalo.  The higher end restaurants will take credit cards as will the supermarket.  Everyone else prefers cash.  Tour operators may charge extra for using a credit card.  You can pay with US dollars or Colons and can get either currency from one of the 2 ATM’s in Puerto Jimenez.  Traveler’s cheques are not very helpful here.


If you self-cater then you can arrange to have groceries delivered.  If you would like to have a cook for daily or evening meals, please ask when you book and it can be arranged. There are also many eating out options.  Within a short walking distance there is Encanta La Vida, a small hotel with dining available if booked ahead.  Within a half an hour walk there is Martinas, an open air funky bar and restaurant serving lunch and dinners, and Lapa Rios, an eco-tourism resort with gourmet dining and a fabulous view.  Further afield by car or a possible calorie burning hike, is Bosque del Cabo, another resort with dining to match its views.   Head into Puerto Jimenez and there are many options for eating including Carolinas for all day casual and local food and Pizza Mailit in the evenings for the most awesome pizzas and pasta.


The only supermarkets are in Puerto Jimenez and we suggest that you order ahead or plan to shop on your way into Casa Vida Verde.  After that, when supplies run low, Carlos can arrange to have groceries ordered and delivered to the house.


Some modern conveniences are hard to give up! If you just need ice for drinks, then the freezer section of the American style fridge will provide a good supply. However, we do recommend, especially if you are a larger group, that you also buy a couple of bags of ice from BM and then place them in the cooler at the house. This provides additional cool storage for beer and wine etc and means that the fridge is more available for food supplies. A couple of bags will usually keep beer etc cool for about 3 days.


Most restaurants will include 10% on the bill.  In all other circumstances gratuities are discretionary.


No, this is not available.  The house is open and is designed to take advantage of the cool air movements coming down the hill behind the house.  Most guests find this very comfortable and fans are provided in the bedrooms for the occasional time when the breeze weakens.


This is a time for leaving the modern world behind as much as possible!  Some modern essentials are inevitable though and this includes cameras, cell phones and laptops.  We have a Bluetooth player if you wish to bring your own music.  Some families travel with a DVD player.  We do request that you do not bring hairdryers and curling irons, anything that needs to heat up, as this uses too much power.  In the jungle you don’t have to worry about what your hair looks like.  The outlets are standard North American for 110V applications. If you have a question about a particular device, please ask.


No landlines exist in the area.  However, cell phone coverage has been expanded and the Matapalo area now has 3G and sometimes 4G coverage.  As you come through the airport you are now able to purchase a SIM card for use in Costa Rica.  Check with Osa Tropical for the latest information regarding Costa Rican SIM Cards and compatibility with certain phones.  As a back-up, Carlos and Sianne both have cell phones and can assist you with any local calls you may need to make.


Yes, but sometimes no. We provide the best Wi-Fi we can buy but it is only adequate at best. Due to the data plans available and dilution through heavy demand, expect only to be able to use it for e-mail, social media updates, reservation confirmations (international flight check in and others), weather check, surf reports and simple browsing. Don’t not expect to be able to get software updates, video streaming (Youtube, Netflix, Skype video calls, etc.), or upload big files. We highly recommend purchasing local SIM cards with a data plan as a back up data source for your personal use, either at the airport on your arrival in San Jose or locally through Osa Tropical. If all else fails and internet is needed, you can always visit the offices of Osa Tropical in Puerto Jimenez and they will be happy to help you.


Included in the rental is a cleaning service every other day and sheets and towels are changed regularly.  Should you require something daily, or have your laundry done as well, this can be arranged with Carlos and Sianne for a reasonable fee.


We provide all linens, towels, kitchen towels and toilet paper, biodegradable shampoo, shower gel, natural insect repellant and dish detergent together with other staples for the kitchen. We have some games and books together with information cards on the flora and fauna of the area. Our visitor information book also has additional details in it. Some herbs and spices for cooking are grown on-site and Carlos can supply you with these as available.  In addition, many different fruits grow on the property and Carlos will share with you whatever is ripe and ready for you to enjoy.


  • First get to San Jose:

    All international flights go through San Jose, Costa Rica’s capital city.  Most major airlines fly to San Jose, including Continental/United, American, Jet Blue and the Latin American airline, Taca.
    You will need to plan overnight stays in San Jose unless your international flight arrives before lunchtime (in the dry season) or departs mid-afternoon.  Although the internal airlines operate out of the international airport, timing and possible delays due to weather make it prudent to plan at least a 4 hour window between an international flight and a internal flight arrival or departure.  Also bear in mind that the number of internal flights outside the high season reduces significantly.   Our Agents can recommend the right hotel in San Jose for your needs and budget.

  • Then get to Puerto Jimenez:

    • If you choose to fly:   Your destination will be the airport in Puerto Jimenez. From San Jose you have the choice to fly with a domestic airline, Sansa or others. Our Agent can assist with reservations which are recommended as flights are often sold out especially during the high season.  The flights are available through the morning and early afternoon and last about 45 minutes. The flight offers breathtaking views of the country’s majestic mountains and magical beaches. You’ll want to keep in mind that there is a baggage restriction of 25 pounds per person, with additional weight allowed for an additional charge – apx $1 per pound.  If you are traveling in a group, another option to consider is a charter flight.

    • If you choose to drive: Driving is a great way to see this beautiful country and our Agent can provide you with detailed directions. It takes about 7 hours from San Jose to Puerto Jimenez.  It is essential to hire a four-wheel drive vehicle and plan your journey to arrive while it is still light.  The roads are usually good until you reach the Osa peninsula.  From there into Puerto Jimenez the road has been improved but there are still sections where caution is required and the driving is by pot hole and pit.  Not an easy drive and much more difficult at night!

    • Other options:

      • Schedule Shuttle: Please contact Osa Tropical for more information.

      • Private driver and van:  we highly recommend this option when you have the time to enjoy the journey but do not want the hassle of having to drive on unfamiliar roads.  Our Agent will put you in contact with a very experienced English-speaking guide and driver who will be able to convey you to your destination in comfort.

      • Bus: Our Agent can give you up to date details.  There are two buses daily between San Jose and Puerto Jimenez which stop for lunch mid-route. These are not luxury buses and the trip can be long and arduous. The good news is the bus is cheap: about $8 per person, one-way. However, unless you have a high discomfort tolerance and a well-developed sense of adventure, it is not where to save money!

  • Then get to the house:

    If you fly into Puerto Jimenez, the Agent will arrange to have a taxi waiting to take you to Casa Vida Verde.  If you drive in, plan to take a break in the town.  This is the time to stock up on groceries if you have not preordered as you will soon be in the middle of nowhere!  Puerto Jimenez also has restaurants, a 24-hour clinic, pharmacies and two banks.  Whether by taxi or rental car, your final leg into Matapalo will take from 35 to 50 minutes depending on the condition of the road.  It is a distance of 18 kilometers, but the road is unpaved and eroded at certain sections.  Your adventure begins here!  As you drive in you may see signs of the wildlife all around you.  Chances are you will stop to view monkeys or macaws close at hand.  When you reach Casa Vida Verde, our Manager will be there to welcome you and help settle you in.  When you are ready, they can give you an orientation of the house and the neighborhood.  Now is the time to relax, unwind and recharge, you are now in your own corner of paradise!

Please note that our agent will assist you with travel plans as far as possible. However, your travel arrangements are ultimately your own responsibility.  If something goes wrong and things change, we will assist where possible but are not obligated to give compensation based on not showing up.


Please click on the link to Trip advisor for a full list of comments left by guests.

Paradise were the first words out of our mouths. The house is absolutely incredible. You feel like you are right next to nature with all the comforts of home. We saw monkeys in the trees around the house daily, toucans and macaws. It was a short hike to the beach and the trails were great for exploring. Carlos, the caretaker, was very friendly and helpful. It is definitely a bit of work to get there, but definitely worth it. I would recommend a massage by the pool from Saene, Carlos’s wife – it was a treat. It was hard to leave after only a week. We will be back.

Gone and wentMinnesota, USA

From the moment we pulled up to Casa Vida Verde, we felt as though we had found absolute paradise! The house is unbelievably gorgeous and well maintained. The beds are very comfortable and are made up with top-quality linens. The furniture throughout the house is beautiful and unique and has been hand-crafted …Take care to check out the dining room table which has been built from a single tree and curves along with the contours of the tree and whose base has been crafted from a piece of the trunk, cut lengthwise into three pieces so that it maintains the curvature of the tree – unbelievable craftsmanship!

JacqsToronto, Canada

My overall rating for my stay at Casa Vida Verde is exceptional!! Everything was exactly as advertised and expected, if not more than expected. Therefore the listing description is spot on regarding the location, layout, amenities and everything else. I would highly recommend this area and this property to others.

Abigail K

What a beautiful place! You really feel like you’re in a treehouse. The pool isn’t big, but it is perfect for cooling off and relaxing. …This is a birdwatcher’s paradise. And Monkeys… We saw a dozen howlers and spider monkeys – from the deck!

Karen T BrandonCanada

We very much enjoyed the caretakers, Carlos and Sianna. They were fabulous and couldn’t do enough for us. it was very interesting discussing astronomy and other topics with Carlos. Sianna is a great massage therapist and we had awesome massages. Very worthwhile!

Debra B FalklandCanada