Scale the largest original jungle gym. You are top roped while climbing an enormous, user-friendly Strangler Fig, roughly 70 feet to a viewing roost 450 feet over the Golfo Dulce. Level of difficulty determined by the “root” you select (pun intended).

After exploring the lofty perch and view of the ocean, an exhilarating freefall/swing brings you safely back to the Earth. Hiking boots/Tevas/Sneakers. Bring camera and binoculars.

Approx. 2-3 hours / Ages 6+


Unlock the mysteries of tropical ecology on our rainforest treks. Our trip starts in a coastal community rife with scarlet macaws and toucans, then gradually ascends through a secondary forest rich with heliconias and hummingbirds. Continuing onward, we trek through riparian habitat underneath a gallery of giant tropical trees.

Among myriad of waterfalls we learn about the interactions of the animals and plants, tying together indigenous knowledge to current medical applications. You will leave with a greater understanding of our tropical forests and their importance to our future. It is never the same hike twice… bring your camera and questions! Please wear hiking boots or sneakers.

Approx. 3 to 4 hours / Ages 4+


Hike up and around a series of waterfalls nestled in lush rainforest. At the top of the falls you will receive thorough instruction covering our equipment, its proper use and safe rappelling. When you complete our course you will know how to safely rappell yourself! And, following graduation from ropes school you are READY to go.

The first waterfall is 45 feet and the second is 100 feet. If that does not get your heart beating then nothing will… you are sure to get an applause from the howler monkeys and toucans.

Approx. 3 hours / Ages 10+


Surfing is a way of life in this area, join in on the fun whether you are experienced or not there are waves for you. Three beaches within a short walk of the house provide a range of surfing possibilities from seriously challenging to the most experience to waves long enough and gentle enough for everyone to get up and ride. There are many instructors in the area who can look after you and Carlos can organize this for you.


If you are a yoga enthusiast or just wish for a gentle introduction to the art, you have come to the right place! We can arrange for a local instructor to come to you.  Enjoy tranquil private sessions at the Rancho or pool side or on our own private yoga deck, set back in the primary forest with a view of the ocean.  Get the heart going climbing up the well-tended path and then enjoy a serene session of yoga embraced with the sounds of the surf and jungle. Additionally, join in with the Matapalo crowd, the regular sessions held at different locations within walking distance of the house.


The Osa peninsula is home to over 350 species of birds making it a birding haven and Vida Verde was designed with birdwatchers in mind.  Even from the house, the variety of birdlife will amaze you.  Regular visitors include humming birds, toucans, eagles, tanagers and parrots and the easily spotted and easily heard Scarlet macaws as they fly over usually in pairs.  The Osa is home to the largest concentration of Scarlet Macaws in the world.  Venture beyond the house and you will be rewarded with an incredible variety of other sightings too.  We can easily arrange for a guide to give you a birding tour in the area or further afield into Corcovado Park, they can assist and spot and identify and ensure that your time is well.  Click here to see some of the birds photographed in the area


There is no doubt that you will see wildlife right from the arriving at the house but we recommend spending time with a guide at some point on your trip as you will be amazed what is out there but well camouflaged unless you know what to look for.  Guided trips can be as simple as an hours stroll along the beach road or as adventurous as a two or three day hike into Corcovado, let us know what interests you and we can recommend a guide for you. Click here to see some of the wildlife photographed in the area


While Matapalo provides many wildlife viewing opportunities, for real enthusiasts a visit to Corcovado will be a highlight of their visit.  The National Geographic Society has identified it as being “The most biologically intense place on the planet” and, with flat rainforest a rarity due to its ease of being cleared, Corcovado is the single largest expanse of lowland tropical rainforest in Central America.  The park comprises 103,300 acres of tropical rainforest teaming with wildlife like jaguars, scarlet macaws, sloths, toucans, all four types of monkeys, the endangered Harpy Eagle, and even Baird’s Tapirs, the largest land mammal in Central America.  Its pristine nature is protected in part by the fact that it is only accessible by small plane, boat or foot.  It is possible to hike into the park from Carate, or enter by boat or small plane from Puerto Jimenez.  Day trips or 3 day long visits to the ranger stations are possible.  Talk with Carlos and Osa Tropical about a visit to suit your requirements.


Your vacation is a time to relax and unwind and stop the world for a few minutes.  We are very fortunate that Sianne is a trained masseuse and can give you an unforgettable and incredibly relaxing half or full body massage; any tensions will be worked away to the sound of the surf and the jungle.  Sianne can arrange for a treatment in any quiet corner of the property but favourites on the yoga platform and next to the pool.


Worth the trip into PJ is the opportunity to paddle out and explore the mangroves around PJ.  The intricacies of this threatened habitat will be explained to you by your guide who will also point out the animal and bird life along the way.  The tours usually take a refreshment break on the beach and then returns to the water but this time ocean side giving you a chance to spot dolphins or fish as you paddle back.  For local tours our friend Carlos will take it to the level, visit


There are at least two different tours possible within a short drive or walk from the house. Alternatively, towards Carate, visit Rio Piro on horseback, trekking through the river then following the deserted beach to a remote waterfall.  Find fresh coconuts along the way and if in the afternoon, enjoy a sunset before heading home.  Don Miguel Sánchez de Río Piro.


Costa Rica is famous for a unique way of viewing the forest and there are three possible locations for zip-lining in the area and it is a must for any thrill seeker!  The tours will take you up into the canopy and give you a monkey’s eye view of the jungle below.   Talk with Carlos as to which would be the best location for you as they vary in length, height and duration.  The longest is in Golfito and worth the journey across the Gulf particularly if you combine it with another boat-based tour.


The Osa peninsula was the location of a gold rush in earlier years and while gold mining is now prohibited in Corcovado Park it is still hand mined in many rivers and it is possible to try your hand and see if you get lucky! A visit to the panning area can be combined with a visit to Carate, just ask Carlos. Be warned though it is tougher work that it looks and you may be glad you don’t need do it for a living!


Imagine taking a boat ride across the Golfo Dulce to the northern shore. On the way you will likely see either species of dolphins swimming or jumping completely out of the water. During the calving season for the humpback whales will always give an edge of excitement looking for them! Keep an eye out for the yellow sea snake! They are very venomous, but quite harmless in the water. Bring your binoculars and you will see many pelagic birds on your way over.

You arrive at what appears to be a deserted black sand beach where the pristine rainforest meets the sea. Your eyes will feast on scarlet macaw flying overhead while making their raucous calls. You take in the beauty of the tropical low land rainforest before you see Carol coming out of the trees to greet you.

Carol founded and managed a wildlife rescue center ever since she moved her over twenty eight years ago. You will probably see some remnants of wildlife that she and her staff had released in the past. She is now following her other passion for haute cuisine.

When you walk into the luncheon room, be prepared to see a table elegantly set as though you are dining in a fine restaurant in any metropolitan area with an exotic rum aperitif waiting for you on your charger. While you are enjoying your aperitif, hors d’oeuvre are served. Salads and fresh baked bread is immediately placed on the table. The main entree could be a chicken breast roasted in a garlic and rosemary butter and infused with dijon mustard. Roasted potatoes and carrots finish filling the plate. Dessert could be an exquisite ginger flan or a lemon pound cake served with mango sorbet.

The breads and cakes are always baked the day of your visit. Everything is gourmet being prepared with the available fresh fruits and vegetables during each season. All salad dressings are prepared in her kitchen — nothing out of a bottle is ever served.

Red and white wine are offered by the glass or bottle. Beer and Coca Cola are also available as well as a robust cup of Costa Rican coffee or green tea.

If you would like to walk the grounds, Carol will be on the lookout for any wildlife in the area. She is incredibly knowledgeable about the indigenous animals in the area and has many interesting stories about the days of the Sanctuary.

Upon making your reservation, you must state any food allergies and utter dislikes. The menu is what is called a blind tasting menu. The menu is made of what is locally available at the time of your reservation. Each entree is thoroughly described when it is served, so you will know what you are eating. Carol will gladly send you the menu of what you were served for future reference and she has even been known to share her recipes!

Only vegetarian or vegan meals can be prepared, and many of the dishes can satisfy this type of lifestyle for some of your party. Kindly mention this in your reservation to be able to make the side dishes available to satisfy the vegetarian or vegan.

The leisurely lunch takes about two hours. The luncheon menu can offer foods to be served with less fanfare for those who have hired their own boat and care to be back on the water. This lunch takes an hour and the dessert can be made “to-go” to enjoy when back on the boat.

Children six years old and above are welcome. Please include this information when making your reservation. Thank you.

Reservations should be made at least 2 days in advance. When making your reservation, not only do we want to know you allergies or utter dislikes, but your favorites flavors and if it is a special occasion. The more we know, the more we can enhance your dinning experience in the wilds of the Pacific lowland tropical rainforest. Come on over to the wild side…


There is a minimum of four people and a maximum of eight. The lunch venue will be available for only your guests. Cash, SNIPE or PayPal are available payment options.

TRANSPORTATION- $200.00 To and from the Sanctuary to include 45-60 minutes of cruising while looking for marine life.

Guests should be at the pier ready to board at 10:00 am and will return no later than 2:30 pm. MEALS- $45.00 per person.
COCA COLA (Regular or Zero) and GINGER ALE $3.75 ea


Wine by the glass: 5 ounces

Chardonnay $6.50 ea

Merlot $6.50 ea Wine by the bottle:

Chardonnay $24.00 per bottle Merlot $24.00 per bottle

Taxes or gratuities are NOT included in the above prices.

The following are examples of the food that is prepared according to availability and your allergies and utter dislikes…


A Jamaican orange/carrot juice flavored with ginger, coconut cream and a strong hit of rum.


Hummus with Veggie Strips-Fresh hummus served with seasonal vegetables such as carrots, chayote, zucchini, broccoli and cauliflower bits for dipping.

Salsa and Guacamole with Quesadias-Flour tortillas folded together with Monterey Jack and Cheddar cheeses filled with diced onions, garlic and red chilis. Fresh guacamole and a salsa made with fresh chilis and corn is served on the side.

Build your own Nachos with a variety of toppings including a fresh salsa, sour cream guacamole and grated cheeses.


Mediterranean beer bread with sun dried tomatoes, diced olives and Parmesan cheese. Cheddar cheese beer bread. A favorite!
Focaccia bread teaming with fresh rosemary, fresh garlic served with olive oil/balsamic vinegar.


Broccoli Salad- Lightly steamed fresh broccoli tossed with raisins in a creamy garlic and raspberry balsamic dressing garnished with fresh roasted sunflower seeds.

Chinese Cabbage Salad-Cabbage tossed in a teriyaki/ginger dressing topped with roasted almond slithers, ramen and sesame seeds and garnished with papaya chunks.

Marinated Tomato with Feta-Sliced tomatoes with a sprinkling of finely diced onion, garlic and fresh basil, drizzled with extra virgin olive, topped with bits of feta cheese and served on a bed of crisp lettuce.


Black Bean Salad-A spicy combination of black beans with onions, celery, red chilis, and corn marinated in a spicy and slightly picante lemon and oil dressing, tossed with fresh mango, and topped with grated cheddar cheese and deep fried diced garlic served on a bed of crisp lettuce with guacamole on the side. This vegetarian option can become vegan by deleting the cheese.

Texas style pulled pork piled high on a fresh baked bread and smothered in sautéed onions with a tasty BBQ sauce served on the side. Spicy roasted potatoes and creamy coleslaw fill the rest of the plate.

An oven roasted chicken breast infused with Dijon mustard and basted with a rosemary garlic butter served with glazed carrots and polenta flavored with sun dried tomatoes.

For those of you who like it spicy, a savory and picante sauce is served on the side.


Ginger Flan-A rich and creamy flan with bits of fresh ginger in a caramel sauce is served minutes out of the oven with a fresh fruit garnish.

Lemon pound cake served with mango sorbet.

Banana Bread-Bite size banana muffins made with coconut oil, dates and roasted walnuts—a true favorite of the staff at the Sanctuary.


The Golfo Dulce is the tenth deepest gulf in the world and home of a wealth of wildlife. It was recognized by the marine explorer, Jacque Cousteau, for its biodiversity of animal and marine life, who dubbed the gulf a “Tropical fiord”. There are several rivers flowing into the gulf, giving it its name Dulce meaning “sweet” or “fresh”. Spend a morning out on the water and you are likely to see many of the birds, turtles, dolphins and whales (seasonal) who call this home. As well as watching the dolphins and whales you can snorkel and swim in one of the many untouched bays where the calm smooth water meets the jungle and visit the mangroves of the Esquinas river.


Unequalled opportunities for fishing with the Golfo Dulce meeting the Pacific, we can put you in touch with local experts who will give you a day to remember with options of inshore and offshore fishing.


The Finca Kobo is an organic farm 20 minutes from Puerto Jimenez which specializes in the production of organic chocolate. Their tour will begin with a tour of their tropical fruit orchards, sampling as you go, learning about the ecology and benefits of many of the plants and fruits of the forest. The tour will then take you through the Cacao orchards and explain the history behind the Cacao bean and the process of manufacturing chocolate from the Cacao pod through harvesting, fermentation, drying, roasting and the grinding of the raw chocolate. The memorable finale is the sampling of the chocolate in a fondue sauce with tropical fruits and chocolate cake. Contact Osa Tropical to make your reservation.


Over the years we have had many fun day trips from the house.  Carlos would be happy to arrange a custom tour for your group.  We suggest leaving the car behind and arrange a local taxi guide who will be able to spot wildlife along your journey that you would drive past unaware of its existence.  Day trips from the house have included horse riding; beachcombing; gold panning; kayaking in mangroves; waterfall hikes; bird sanctuary visit and a visit to a cheese farm.